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Lightbulb features vs price?

Hello everyone, right now I am in the market for a new motherboard. I currently have 720BE and I am planning to get an AM3 motherboard. On top of my head I have 3 particular motherboards which seems to have garnished plenty of praises from a lot of review sites, namely: Gigabyte's 790FXT, ASUS Formula III, MSI GD-70. According to the prices from DirectCanada, price difference between the motherboards is at the most $30++. As such, choosing either the cheapest or the most expensive one of the bunch will still stay within my budget.
Points of interests from each mobo (my perspective):
1)Gigabyte: Decently priced(AR), Stable, 2 Oz of copper, Dual BIOS, fast recovery from failed overclocking(in my own experience).
2)Asus: A lot of goodies, great overclocker, great software and BIOS features, somewhat useful/plentiful(?) voltage phase.
3)MSI: Crazy overclocker, Easy auto OC with BIOS, double spaced PCI-E slot, 4 PCI-E slots.

If I choose GB I know I'll get decent overclocker which will last me years and will give me partial funds to buying a DDR3 ram set.
If I choose ASUS I will get a slightly better overclocker but a lot of extras that might make my life easier when I need to troubleshoot my hardwares and some other things. But I will be spending the most amount of money.
If I choose MSI I know I'll get great overclocker should I choose to push the limits few months/years from now when the games will probably be more demanding.

Things to consider:
1) Temperature: I will be living in a tropical country.
2) Electricity: The cost of electricity per KWh is not that cheap. Also, surges do happen from time to time and we have a 230v instead of 115v.

P.S: I might also need your insights on determining the bast bang for the buck RAM for the mobo. It does not have to be blazing fast, but it would certainly help if it has tight timings. Thank You for your help guys. Cheers.
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