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Originally Posted by Nademon View Post
I see. You sure you're not getting stuck with the 511's? Also, did you downgrade the priority of Vmware-vmx? I just downgraded the priority of EVERY Vmware process but especially Vmware-vmx. Any change in your setup that might be causing excessive temps and make the GPU's start throttling?

Oh ya...fresh install of XP...just to confirm.
Yeah, it's a completely fresh install of XP Pro 64. I installed all the latest drivers for everything I could find, and have run all updates for XP.

I have gotten a 511, but I've also gotten many other work units as well. One time under Vista when I happened to notice all clients running 511's I was still getting about 4k PPD per GPU. Well, the VM's have lower priority than the GPU clients, if that's what you mean? There really shouldn't be any temp issues, I think the highest they have gotten is ~80*C. I have an Ultra Kaze fan right in front of the cards blowing cold air right into them, and another Ultra Kaze removing the hot air from the case.
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