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Originally Posted by Nademon View Post
Is the PPD down for both the GPU and CPU clients? Have you adjusted the priority for the anything taking priority over them? Maybe make sure you GPU clients have higher priority than the VMware.

I've had an ongoing issue with my 2 9800GX2's where one GPU usually underperforms by a huge gap, but sometimes it runs fine. I'm not running VM clients on that rig either. My understanding is that XP uses more resources for folding than Vista.
Well it seems more or less that my GPUs are getting horrible PPD, whereas my CPU clients seem to be about what they were before. My GX2's used to be getting about 5k PPD per core, but now they're down to ~2k. My CPU clients are at 2700PPD each. With all the GPU clients up and running, and nothing else my CPU usage is only 1-3%. When I start up the CPU clients, usage then goes to 100%. Also, I did give the GPU clients a higher priority than the VM's.
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