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Exclamation Horrible PPD with XP Pro??

I just switched over my folding rig from Vista Home Premium to XP Pro. I have two 9800GX2's, a Phenom II X4 940, 3GB of RAM. I also changed some of the programs that I now use to fold. I now use VMWare server 1.0.9 instead of 2.0. I'm running 2 instances of notfreds utilizing 2 cores per client, rather than running Ubuntu in the VM's. I am also running the GPU CLI client instead of the version with the nVidia Viewer. I have the same CUDA drivers installed as I did under Vista. I am using WinAFC to spread out the work of the clients across all 4 cores. My CPU is only at 1-3% with all the GPU clients running, and right about 100% with both VM's running.

I don't understand what's happening here. The last two days I was folding under Vista, I hit 25k each day. Now with XP I just hit 8,500 for today!! I really need some help here! Any and all advice is *greatly* appreciated!

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