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Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
After reading the whole thread 3 times (thanks Chilly)... I woke up this morning with the same question: is HT part of the chip design. Looks like I bought the wrong chips.
Your welcome... Sorry.

Yes, thats correct, they do not have Hyper-Threading, only the 5520 and up do, which is what I was attempting to say last night.

Well I might end up selling my system soon enough as nothings forth coming on the job front. So, you might be able to get some cheap CPU's from me.

I mean I have a few possibilities lined up but haven't heard anything, good or bad, from then in a while. Despite that fact, a few of them would only net me a job in the fall time, so I'm screwed in multiple ways. I don't think I can afford to keep it for much longer.
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