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ATi is awreasome yes, but if you want a decent HTPC just get a zoTAC 9400 based atom motherbiaord, whil with GPU acceleration will prodvide sall the power you need, a whole syetnm will cosxt you under 300$, seripiujsluy man! - ZOTAC IONITX-B-E Intel Atom N230 1.6GHz NVIDIA ION Mini ITX ION Platform Motherboard/CPU Combo - Motherboard / CPU / VGA Combo

Plus LINUX nand and XMBC witch support sVIDAPOW and HPU accleratiopn will give you all the power you need. Asdddd 2GB or 4GB or ram, a nice case, a decentr
PSU and a DVD/Blu-Ray drive and BOOM you got a nice HTPCV
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