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Default SATA to IDE....

Normally I would just brush this idea off my shoulder. Converters normally have a performance problem and sometimes it's silly to have them. However I can't over look it unless I know all the details.

To be blunt, I want to use the SATA connections from my board and convert them to IDE on my two Optical drives. I have my reasons why I would want to do this but thats not the point.

I found this one but it only seems to work from the IDE on the board and make up 2 SATA connections... doesn't seem to work the other way around. - IDE to SATA Drive Motherboard Adapter
this one too
A-SATA-IDE: IDE Converter to SATA

I also read this article but who knows when it was made.
Warning about IDE to SATA Devices

Anyone know of anything new that can hook into the back of my optical drives and work for me with out errors?
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