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Originally Posted by raheelc View Post

thanks for the suggestion...the one thing i do like about the test bench u mentioned, is the price point....however, im trying to find something that has some decent looks and has the ability to attach a radiator to the bench/case....and as far as i can tell i dont see any available area on the highspeed bench for it...although i may be wrong....

i think i mite go for the DD torture rack

No It cant attach radiator, but if you do as I did with a few key drilled & threaded holes in the support rails of the test bench you can easily mount one.

It very easy just buy radiator use a marker or something to trace where the wholes are unto stencil paper then transfer you "template" to the test bench and simply drill out the wholes and thread them (a threading kit can be picked up at Canadian tire relatively cheaply)
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