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If the OP could write down your exact Bios setting and post em pls...

I have Giga X58 Extreme...your settings wouldn't be exactly like mine...but it will give you an approx idea. Here are my bios settings for BCLK @ 220 x20

CPU Clock 20
Intel Turbo - Enabled
CPU Cores - All
Cpu Multi - Enabled or Disabled
C1E - Dis
C3C6C7 - Dis
Cpu Thermal - Dis
Virt Tech - Dis
Bi-Direct - Dis

QPI Link Speed x36
Uncore + QPI 36
Uncore x16
Isochronus - Dis

Base Clock Control - 220
Advanced Clock Control
Base Clock 220
Pci Express 100
C1A2 - Dis

Performance Enhance - Quick
System Mem Multi - 8
Mem Settings - (I used lose settings till I found a good stable cpu volt).

Load Line Calibration Disabled
CPU V Core 1.41875
QPI/VTT 1.360
IOH Core 1.100
DRAM Volt 1.660 (no 1.65v avail)

Avanced Voltage Control
CPU Core 1.41875
QPI/VTT 1.360
CPU PLL 1.800

PCI Auto
QPI PLL 1.100
IOH 1.100
Rest are all auto cept Ram 1.660

I know some are duplicate settings...but figure I would try to match what my bios looks you will have an easier time finding where things are.

To get to 222 BCLK I only had to up the CPU volts...everything else stayed the same. Even to get to 231BCLK (with Hard Mod and f8x bios)...I only had to up the CPU Volts...and up the PCI-E Clock to 112Mhz. Everything else stayed the same.

Not sure what cooling methods you are using...but watch your temps

Hope this helps
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