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Originally Posted by blais16 View Post
hey bud, how much did you spend on those heatkiller, i'm looking to build myseft a watercooled rig and i would love to have something that have a decent look like your's
The HeatKillers were pretty pricey, I think I paid just over $200USD from Sidewinder Computers - Supplier of High Quality PC Modding and Cooling parts. I'm not sure if Dazmode is selling them now, but you can try there too.

All of the enzotech copper parts I got from NCIX/DirectCanada -- they make tons of parts, all pretty cheap. I must've paid about $100 for the remaining copper heatsinks.

At this point, i just have to fabricate something to cover the opening for the 5.25 bays... I might just order a custom panel from MountainMods instead... who knows...

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