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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Done and done. I just didn't put it in the review since it was done afterwards. Tomorrow I am attaching it to the bottom of my car with a piece of wire and dragging it all the way to work and back again. Pics to follow......

If you live in Montreal and see a blue Mazda 3 dragging something yellow a foot or two behind it....that's me with the ATV.
Any chance you could get someone to follow you and take pics/video? That would be awesome.

In all fairness, I think you should boil it when you get it home tomorrow. I believe somebody did that with the Corsair Survivor GT or whatever it's called. I know a frying pan was involved... Or at least drop it in a steaming cup of coffee or something. That seems like a plausible mishap.
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