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Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
I am new at this and am wondering what is the purpose in having 2 power supplies? why not just have a very good single PSU wouldn't you save money that way
Quietness is another factor. Can't speak for the specific PSU's in question, but many units are very quiet under light load, but their fans ramp up to annoying levels at higher loads. If the load is properly distributed, two PSU's at light load can be a lot quieter at a high power level.

But yeah, some PSU's act a little funny at low levels, especially when you're not drawing enough power on the 3.3 and 5 volt rails. It varies from unit to unit, though. Some of the good PSU testers check crossload performance, but I'm not sure if voltage stability during crossloading is a valid indicator of the unit's ability to handle low levels over the long term.
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