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Originally Posted by bkh2 View Post
@jdrom17 - rather than buying a heavier duty pump, would it be possible to add a second pump in series? That is, if I decide to get more water blocks
Typically people who have 2 pumps, run them totally separately of eachother and have 2 confined loops. I don't believe many run series, though I could be mistaken.

And well the MCP355 is close to $10 less, so really I don't see why you wouldn't just get it from the start. I have one with an XSPC top (non-res), and it's pretty close to silent once all the air is out of your loop. I too only have a CPU loop but there's no harm really in having more flow rate.

Since I see you have an i7, I'd really suggest the Heatkiller blocks if you could afford those. They are the best performing (and best looking IMO) blocks for i7 it seems.

Also what radiator were you considering?
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