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That box will not produce very much but every bit helps. As we move into the colder season the power cost will be offset some by its heating.

For monitoring, as enaberif said, fahmon should be sufficient. You just need a share set up to its folding directory from you main rig, and run fahmon on your main rig. If it isn't folding then just plug a monitor in to see whats wrong. VNC is another free remote desktop tool. Remote desktop software won't help if the machine hangs.

I don't think linux would help production (might even be worse depending on the work units the rigs is assigned) but is a good choice if it saves the cost of a windows license.

Keep an eye on it with fahmon to make sure it will meet the deadlines ... it should but if it doesn't then there is no point in folding on it ... it will be wasting energy and slow down the science.

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