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My System Specs


Originally Posted by DarKStar View Post
Well that's why I hate LCD technology - Because of how LCD works, you will always have this problem - you can either get a tradeoff of color accuracy and other features for fast response OR PQ and accuracy and slow response, unless the technology is completly revised, there again, it would probably cost 10 times more.

How can Samsung even think of releasing a product with so much defects is beyond me.
Welp i have to be honest and say i don't know much about lcd's and all that but to me it seems to look really good and work ok but i will say i noticed what Sky said about some like very light blur on the edges sometimes for a sec:)
But that being said i don't even know what all the setups do like black screen background or the white etc etc in the setup menu , lol complicated i guess ?
So i turn it on stock and was like WOW this is much better than a 27 composite tv i had lol !!!
maybe thats how the companies get away witth these tvs !!! Coz ppl like me don't know much and we are just wowed by the size and better pic in general?????
hmmm thinks i :)
Now you guys done it you got me thinking lmao :help:
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