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Originally Posted by Chilly View Post
Heres the problem I have with #4, it just looks cheap. I love the beaver too, but it looks, gaudy, cheap, I don't know.

Ultimately majority rules, but I'd much rather something like cap#2 with cap#3 as the design(on a cap) doesn't look cheap as the beaver with leaf does.

Just my 2cents.
I agree completely! Not to mention that logo is reflected in Gav's avatar. And, no offense Gav, but I don't know if I want to see your avatar every time I look in the mirror at a public washroom...

As for the #2 with #3 at the back? I love it! #2 got my vote since it looks a lot like the old Roots designs that I loved. I also agree with it being the classiest/well made look of them all. #1 looks like a Nascar logo, and #4 is... well... Gav! Get your image off my head!

And to the comment about releasing the designs so we could have them made ourselves in case the hat decided on isn't the one we like? Seconded! Although I'd be one of the first to go for the HWC store version if it's something I'd wear.
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