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My System Specs


I hate both sets of commercials. I also think that both companies are being petty attacking each other like that.

I do not like Windows but I do like modern PC hardware.
I like Mac OS X but do not like modern Apple hardware.
I like ooold Apple hardware(early-mid 90s) and also like oold Mac OS versions(also early-mid 90s).
I like the ooold hardware and OS even more when I put a CF card and Radeon 7000 in a mid 90s PowerMac or even overclocked 68k and run Mac OS 7.6.1. >:) Smokin!

..ok, now I am just getting distracted :/
Please continue the commercial hate. :)
(and steve jobs is an arrogant asshole. (no, I do not praise him, he was not at Apple when the Macs I like most were made))
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