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Originally Posted by qwerty View Post
In a couple of weeks my new rig will be ready at which time I would like to run this machine full time to for the questions.

1. I would like to unplug the monitor and just leave it in a corner someplace folding away forever. Is this possible?

2. The machine in question is a P3 733 512 megs ram, etc, pretty old. But can it still fold?
I would install and configure Linux on it if it would help to speed it up some.

Hrm that's about it. If anyone could help me with this I'd appreciate it. Thank you.
Yes and Yes.

If you run Windows you can setup a RDP to access it after you remove the monitor. If you run linux you can setup SSH to access the box as well.

While you may want to use a higher speed processor, any system can fold it may just take a bit longer.
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