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Default H2GO complete, ready for testing

I've had a few people ask me to post pics, so I took a couple quick ones... not much of a gallery or log, but the beast is up and running... I need to leak test and setup my office, then you'll get your glamour shots. I wanted as many copper parts as possible, so I went all HeatKiller blocks and used every enzotech part I could find.

I'm using silver coil and distilled water only, along with Kaze fans (1200rpm), all other specs of the rig are in my sig.

LOOP: res > pump #1> 120.1 > pump #2 > 120.2 > CPU > GPU > 120.1 > res > repeat

I should've taken more pics, but got distracting building her.

I am off to leak test this bitch, then I'll try to clean up the wiring a bit and take more shots. Feedback always welcome.
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