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Originally Posted by DarKStar View Post
I would be curious to see your computer connected through it and watching a movie - My current PC setup does a great job upscaling SD video so much that it is almost amazing - Definately better than a TV's own scaler - haven't compared with a standalone DVD upscaler, but my guess would be better.

I will wait for that new multi-led Samsung 50' TV, to go down in price :D
I have no problems with it, going dvi to hdmi (though with my new GTX 260 i could just use the small converter and go hdmi to hdmi but i already own the cable for it). Only problem i initially had was to adjust the tv so that it displayed the entire desktop. TVs and PCs have different definition of 1920 x 1080 (TVs are about 20 pixels off) so i had to adjust it to Just Scan, then it works great, nothing missing off the screen
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