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Originally Posted by Dadi_oh View Post

No I wouldn't do that. I spent a little time reading through that thread and looks like lot's of people used 400F. You also apparently need to be careful of electrolytic capacitors (the tall barrel shaped ones) so best to keep it lower as a starting point.

It is possible that a complete reflow is not necessary. Just enough liquidity to repair the cracked joint.

And there was some good advice about not bumping the oven while doing it. When the solder goes liquid the surface tension should hold things in place but if you jar it then you could move a component ( = bad )

You also need to let it cool before moving it. I would open the oven door after the 8 minutes and that way you let the solder re-crystalize and everything firms up. And that would also reduce the thermal shock of a sudden cooling. The manufacturing reflow overns go through a controlled cool down so that is what you are shooting for.

I wish I had a dead card to try. I had a 7900GT that stopped working but I tossed it out. One of the few times I have ever thrown something away
Oh, I also ment 500fahrenheit not 500celcius. Geez... 500C And yes, it looks like alot of people do use 400F, and I also read the cooling process.
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