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Default Money for the summer

Hi everyone. I'm working the summer and I've decided to treat myself with another system. The budget is $500. I'm trying to decide between a laptop or a LANbox. I go over to my friend's apartment a lot and I'm wondering whether I should build myself a small PC (LANbox) or just buy a laptop. My friend has a mouse, keyboard, speakers, 47" HDTV, and a CRT monitor. For long LAN weekends I usually bring over my monitor too.

I have my eyes on the MSI GT735. It will cost me close to $1000. I'm able to come up with the extra money for it but I'm debating whether it will be worth it. I really am worried whether it will last me a while, and I know it is not upgradable while a LANbox is.

So here's the deal. I'd like someone to build me a $420 budget LANbox. $420 because the $80 is going to be spent on my uncle's Radeon HD4770. Noise and heat isn't an issue. The processor shouldn't bog down the video card. I have 2x1GB sticks of DDR2-800 so that isn't a problem. I can also put a hard drive in it but a bigger one to store all my files while I'm at my house is awesome too.

TIA everyone.
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