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My System Specs

Default Supergrover's H2O Plunge

The Parts:

Swiftech Smartcoils 625 Blue x 2
Magicool Thermochill Mounting Screws 3.5 X 40MM (4 Screws) x 4
Thermochill NG120.2 Neoprene Gasket for PA120.2 Radiator x 3
Danger Den 1/2IN Polyethylene Barb Fittings 3/8 NPT (Pair) ( wont be using these the chrome TC barbs came-in in time ) :)
Thermochill 1/2IN Chrome Plated Barb Fitting G3/8 Threads *Single Barb* x 2
D-TEK Customs 1/2IN G1/4 Chrome High Flow Barb Fittings (Pair)
Tygon R-3603 1/2IN ID 3/4IN OD Tubing 5 Feet x 2 ( 1 is back-ordered but "should" be here by the weekend )
Stainless Steel worm drive hose clamps
D-TEK Customs Liquid F/X UV Dye Water Cooling Additive CLEAR/BLUE
Danger Den Fill Syringe
Swiftech Hydrx Water Additive Coolant 2 oz Bottle
Thermochill FG120.2 Fan Grill for PA120.2 Radiator
Thermochill Pa 120.2 Dual 120MM Fan Water Cooling Radiator *No Barbs*
Yate Loon D12SL-12 120MM Quiet Cooling Fan 1350RPM 47CFM 28DB 3PIN & 4PIN Sleeve Bearing OEM
Swiftech MCRES-MICRO Clear HI-FLOW Water Cooling Reservoir 3/8IN & 1/2IN Barb Fittings
Swiftech MCP655 12V Industrial Water Cooling Pump 1/2IN Barbs
Swiftech APOGEE GT S478/LGA775/S754/S940/S939/AM2 3/8IN & 1/2IN &1/4IN Barbs

Everything laid out, gasket installed on Rad and Fan grill.

The gasket didnt quit fit on the fan grill with out a few modifications, the top, middle, and bottom portions of the gasket hung over the grill so snip, snip.

Grill, fans installed they are pulling because I will be adding 2x120mm TT led fans to push so the light will still be visible threw the front of my case. Zip tied the tails they are going to be run via a Coolermaster Cooldrive6 fan controller.

Another shot with the Barbs installed

The front gasket installed , the led fans are still attached to my case right now but @ least the gasket is on.
And yes thats my hand, you finally get to see it Bab's ( Inside Joke )

Quick shot of the Waterblock before it is taken apart to replace the O-ring.

Apogee GT ready to switch out the O-ring.

Apogee with the larger O-ring installed. I wanted to get more shots of this but it was a trying to get the bigger O-ring installed, when it finally did stay in the channel for longer than 2 seconds I rushed to get it put back together.
Miso you did say it was a pain to get it to stay and you were 100% right.

Thats about it for tonight, most of the work will be done this weekend. Friday strip the case, Saturday get it installed and leak test overnight, Sunday put it all back together and check temps.

On a side note, I usually use AS5 for all my TIM purposes but with water do I want to use AS5 or AC? Or does it matter?

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My knuckles are bleeding from fishing through walls a new CAT6 network cable... I found fresh, untapped electrical outlets...
"It's all in the Reflexes"-Jack Burton

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