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Default Lan Report: C-Toan Lan 5, Jul. 10/11, Maple Ridge, BC

C-Toan's fifth event happened this previous weekend in Maple Ridge, BC. The venue was, as is usual, Thomas Haney Secondary school. And like the previous events the C-Toan crew has run, it was a good, solid event. No hitches with power or the network, tournaments generally ran well, and the pizza was good.

Gamers hard at gaming.

The venue is excellent, with ample space, power and cooling, which is important for a summer LAN. I've been to LAN parties before that got really warm due to insufficient cooling. The venue, being in Maple Ridge is a little inconvenient for those of us from the core of Vancouver, but it's not particularly hard to get to, and is good for locals who have the opposite problem. So after a three hour transit ride (tip, don't try to take transit anywhere in Maple Ridge after 7PM or on weekends, stuff stops running then) I arrived and things were just getting going. Someone mentioned that it was due to being understaffed due to it being summer break.

Some of the event's staff.

I arrived just in time for pizza, which Panago didn't think was a hoax call this time. After talking with some friends, I set my things up and got right on the network, all gigabit for the first time due to sponsorship of a switch from NCIX. Now, instead of getting right to gaming, I started talking with the person sitting across from me, and discovered that they were someone I'd talked with on NCIX's forums. We got into a debate about the merits of Windows versus Linux for servers, and ended up talking for quite a while before we actually got down to games.

People playing CoD4 and watching videos on Youtube.

The official tournaments, at least that I was aware of, were CoD4, StarCraft 1v1, DotA and TF2. On of the StarCraft games went on for quite a while, because the map being played was apparently all crystals, and that was it. You had to harvest them to expand your base or launch a ground attack. In the end, it ended up to who had the most kills, because the organizers wanted to keep the tournaments on track.

There was also Halo3 and Rockband on the 360.

I didn't take part in any tournaments, mostly because I'm not a competitive gamer, but I did see other people having fun playing other games. I played a little bit of L4D with other people at the LAN, and did my best not to get us all killed, which met with mixed success.

Gamers not gaming.

Interestingly, I spent most of the LAN being social with friends (I know lots of the LAN hosting community in and around Vancouver) as well as other people I know off of the internet. So despite not doing much in the way of gaming, I really enjoyed talking gaming, networking and just computers in general with like-minded people. Though if I had wanted to game, there was still plenty to be had.

Gamers gaming.

All in all, the event was well worth the long transit time to and from the venue, and I would recommend C-Toan 6 when it happens to anyone who is in the area or who doesn't mind getting to Maple Ridge.

One of the prize-winners displaying his prize, courtesy of CoolerMaster.

Thanks to sponsors NCIX, Antec, CoolerMaster, Steelseries and CPU Magazine for helping make the event happen, to the school for allowing the event to happen there, and, most importantly, the event organizers for making the event happen. It was good fun.

Clean up.

Photos courtesy of C-Toan Lan and used with permission. Source: C-Toan 5 pictures by serenity3477 - Photobucket
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