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My System Specs


I'm definately interested to see where you end up.
So far I've had pretty good success with my i7 c0 and ud3r combo.
I run 3.8 usually... Vcore 1.36875 in BIOS... core temps barely break 70c in Prime and F@H.
I've been trying a slightly lower OC for folding when it gets hot in here... 3.486GHz with vcore 1.24875 in BIOS (1.184 under load).
Folded for a while with vcore @ 1.23750 in BIOS but can't call it 'stable' yet.

I can get 4GHz+ stable, but my cooling is really holding me back.
Right now I've only got the fan that came with the TRUE, and the ones that came with my case.
Oh, and I zip-tied the fan from the stock HSF to blow across the mobo heatsinks and RAM.
I hope to have that all fixed soon with more (and better) fans.
Maybe even look into watercooling if I can get the cash together... doubt that'll happen for a while though.

I've been looking at the board you have, as well as the ud4p and may upgrade.
There are also some new ones coming that look pretty interesting...
Either way I think I'm sticking with Gigabyte (even though I hate their colour scheme).
Please continue to share your experiences.

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