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I didn't get a lot higher with HT OFF. 3.83 stable but no higher - again, I haven't played with all the voltages to max potential. 19x210 and 20x20 were definite no-go as I had it set up. the intention is to run with Turbo & HT, I've refocussed myself in that direction.

21x179 = 3760, 1.375 vcore. 1.880 CPU PLL, Load Line ENABLED (this is new)
8X mem multiplier (1432), 17 Uncore, 1.660 vdimm, 1.40 VTT (glad to see this coming down & stable), Gigabyte memory booster on Extreme (previously default/standard), went with a more conservative memory setting overall while working up cpu speed.
-HT on
-Turbo on
-power saving features disabled
-P95 blend stable, max 78C load, idle 41-42C.
-SuperPi 10.998, 3DM06 19234 (best yet).
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