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My System Specs


I placed the order on dec 1st at ncix-- as I said in the other post, I wasn't even aware of at the time although by the look of the prices, I might have saved some bucks if I had done some shopping there.

And I tell ya, the waiting has been hell! Although in these four longest of days, (while I may not have become an overclocking guru) I feel like I have achieved enlightenment in the realm of divertissment. I am now a level 10 time-killer-- perhaps others may benefit from the four days worth of wisdom that I have accrued while waiting for the BIG UPGRADE to get to my house on the other side of the continent.

Below are a few techniques that I highly recommend to the white-knuckled, breathless-with-anticipation gamer (or overclocker) who is on the eve of nirvana, but just can't bear the wait:

1) TALK ABOUT IT INCESSANTLY-- talk about your system to your wife/girlfriend, mother, sister friends etc. Lose yourself in those blank stares as you rant about memory timings and frame rates. If you can keep your mouth going constantly, it's very difficult to reflect on the fact that it won't be here for another seven days. And when they finally threaten to institutionalize you, move on to technique #2.

2) ONLINE CHAT-- get on those forums and ask every question imaginable about the components you ordered until they too think you are insane, stupid, or a troll. Ask lots of questions about whether its a good idea to buy this or that-- who cares that you've already paid for it, or that you should have asked these questions before you bought it. The things you'll discover may drive you to drink...which brings me to my next technique...

3) STAY DRUNK-- yes, you read right. Drink constantly, one day will blend into the next...everything will be a blur. It will distract your relatives from your craziness and besides, A.A. is much better than the asylum. Before you know it, there will only be five days left.

4) MEDITATION-- A very popular technique for mindfulness, but when combined with step number three, is an equally good technique for mindLESSness. Find a comfortable couch, tune in, turn on, bottoms up, and drop out.

5) well, I was forced to abandon number five due to pending loss of vision.

well that brings me to the present.. not sure where to go from here. If anyone has any techniques that they use, let me know.

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