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Originally Posted by Mindwarp View Post
Well, you've ruled out the psu's, ram, the os, devices and cables. The only thing left that's central to your system is the mobo and/or cpu. Since the pc does post, I would rule out the cpu. I would pick the mobo as the culprit since it's only when you reset the psu that it boot's up. This suggests that something on the mobo is resetting allowing it to boot. Could be a power issue on the board itself. Look at the caps to see if any are leaking or puffed (I doubt it since the newer boards don't use bad caps like before but a cap can still go bad.) I'm also wondering if you have a bad ground. Are all your stand-offs ok? No wires stuffed behind the board causing the fault?
Hi Mindwarp..
Yes the stand off are ok only using the one's the board needs.
I do have alot of extra cables bunched up behind the other side panel but even with that side off it still does it..
I think you are right about the board being the problem..
I will find out when I take everything out and start from scratch..
Does anyone know if ASUS rna policy will send a new board first so I'm not left without a computer??
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