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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
I would love to see you use this with some good OCing mobos. The Biostar is a good board but I don't think it will OC this up it its potential which is about 3.4-3.6Ghz with a good air cooler.
Indeed! The BioStar is a fairly decent board, it's only real limits are the ram voltage limited to 2.2v via a jumper, and it's lack of sinks on various mosfets and VRM. A lot of people voltmod the thing to get more vdimm, and a pack or two of GPU mem sinks will take care of any heat issues. Yet, it isn't going to break any records! It has a mind of it's own sometimes, and I am only passingly familiar with it so far.

I have been watching for a good performance AM2 board, and to tell you the truth there isn't much out there that really catches my eye.

Have you any suggestions as too what could push this chip beyond 3.4ghz?

I'd normally go with a DFI, but their AM2 boards are near impossible to find in stock, still overpriced, and I am not too happy with some of their business decisions in the last year.

I've been watching for a good Asus, the Crosshair is obviously attractive, the M2N32, M2N SLI Deluxe are also an option, and finally an M2N-E which I am not too keen on.

I very much like ABit's high end boards, but know little about their AM2 offerings. Ever since I got an ABit KV8 Max3 (socket 754) and saw all the sensors it has and UGURU controls, I've been a big fan of anything they make in that class. The thing makes the sensors in my DFI Ultra D look sparse!

I guess I am sort of out of the loop as far as AM2 goes. Like everyone else, I've moved to C2D and have been slowly accumulating parts for that platform.

Also, money-wise, I've been trying to save enough for an eVGA 680i SLI (A1) which I will use to finally upgrade my personal system which is still socket 939. I would much rather toss $200+ at one of them rather than a high end AM2 board! I have two C2D cpus (an e2160 and an e6750), and two decent conroe motherboards (XFX 650i and Asus P5B Plus) which are great but I could part with one of them.

Unless I flip one of these C2D systems, I don't see myself buying a pricy AM2 board till after I get a 680i. The XFX system almost sold a couple weeks ago.

I've had the money for a 680i a couple times in the last month or so, but like many here could understand, it keeps getting eaten up with other purchases like this X2-5000 Black!

What I could do, and I wouldn't be opposed to this at all, is lend the chip to someone that is a regular here and in my area, who does have a good AM2 board, and let them have a whack at it for a week or so. All I would want is some assurance that the person would skip town with my cpu! LOL, it's not like it's a $1000 part!

Anyways, I'd be very interested in what boards you would suggest. I am still looking for a good deal on one, and while I may or may not postpone the 680i purchase, I still have several systems here that are for sale and only need one to go out the door to fund either of the above.

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