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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you can get out of this.

Ooops.... if you want this post position back for upcoming benchies I'll gladly delete it and add my comments when you're done reserving positions......
No worries, two slots should be fine.

I too am anxious to see where she tops out. Yet being busy with a couple other orders at the same time, I am patient and know this project will get put to the side a couple times before it's finished. So I'm never in a rush to push a chip like this, and enjoy savoring it!


I have to mention, that it's really something else to see a $65-85 dollar motherboard performing faster than it would with an FX-62 or X2-6000! Since the price of those two parts are considerable, it isn't logical that people would put them in a budget motherboard. The Black X2-5000 changes all that, and with a decent video card this system would seriously scream! Coupled with the fact that you won't need a $100+ power supply, uber D9 memory, or exotic cooling, what we have here is a new level of potency for budget builds.

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