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Default looking for a SATA/Gigabit Ethernet combo PCI card

Hey, I'm putting together a REAL simple home server for backup and data storage use. This is an 85% spare parts build (I am buying a PSU and the main HDD which is going to be a WD 1TB Green). I already have the case and board (which is a funny little Intel D201GLY2 mini itx board. Its the pre-Atom one so it has a Celery 220 which is good for a cool 1.2ghz @ 19watt TDP, not the fastest chip in the wold but it will do. Anyways this little board only has a single PCI Slot, integrated 10/100 ethernet and only 2 SATA ports. I am aware of the possible bottlenecking that could ensue when trying to run one of these through a PCI slot but, are there any SATA/Gigibit Ethernet combo cards that are commonly available in Canada? I checked NCIX and Newegg and have found nothing so far. Going to keep checking but any help would be appreciated. Also in some of the research I have done, I can remember one guy was saying that the combo card he had could only do one thing at any one time, so if you have your ethernet going SATA doesn't work and vice versa. Here is a link to something similar to what I want. Would be nice if it had 3 or so internal SATA ports but I guess beggars can't be choosers.

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