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Default My (current) open bench setup

Yeah so I thought I would post this in case any of you were curious as to what my current case-less setup looks like. I change hardware pretty frequently (mostly gpu's +cooling methods) but the cpu, mobo, and ram stay pretty constant.

Currently running 2x 4870's @ 795/1100 (will run higher, but right now I'm testing my ram's performance). tx850w corsair, 2x1gb of corsair ram (ddr2-960 2.08v), phenom2 @3.84ghz... etc etc.

In the pics I'm cooling my cpu with a freezone elite (will be replaced by a boreas by the end of this week hopefully) my gpu's and NB are in a water-cooling loop powered by my xspc topped mcp355 pump, cooled by my mcr220 rad with 4 fans in push/pull. gpu's are cooled using 2 mcw60 blocks and the non-plastic part of the stock cooler.


questions? comments?

p.s: and yes, that IS a jar of applesauce. I Like to eat applesauce when I'm overclocking/benchmarking.

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