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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
TinyXP? Did you nLite this yourself or is it some random torrent off the internet? If its the latter I say make your own build personally.

Avira is good
TinyXP is off the torrents. Made by a guy named eXperience IIRC. It's definitely not something I'd suggest using as it's such a striped down XP copy it's barely usable IMO. And well it just means various issues down the road when the user tires to install something or plug in some device.

I'd imagine that's an illegal version of Avira too .
When its not your own PC, I'd suggest using freeware alternatives such as Avast!. That way you know it'll update fine without any issues. Same goes for MS Office, could install OpenOffice instead though I know that's a bit tougher since people only know the MS brand.

+1 for Foxit Reader. Also has less security issues too I believe.
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