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Originally Posted by fjanicki View Post
I will need to setup an old computer for my girlfriend's brother. I am an IT consultant and an enthusiastic but I never really setup any computers to be fool's proof before. He's not an idiot at all but the last notebook he has turned out to be full of viruses/malware/ random softwares/etc...

Ok, I will be installing him all the basic software he needs and will have him run on a non-admin account on windows XP. At first I tought about setting up a linux restrictive account but he's not used to non-windows/mac setups and I don't want to go in the trouble of explaining to him the linux basics.

Ok so, I'll install:

- Tiny XP
- Avira Anti-Virus
- Comodo
- iTunes (ipod fan) // I would use foobar though
- K-Lite codec pack with Media Player Classic
- Microsoft Office
- Firefox + Adblock plus / NoScript / etc...

- Guest account, but I'll give him the admin password if he wants to install some software

What else would you suggest ?
TinyXP? Did you nLite this yourself or is it some random torrent off the internet? If its the latter I say make your own build personally.

Firewall is useless and not needed as Windows built-in works fine and all your doing is adding overheard to the computer as.
Avira is good

Originally Posted by grinder View Post
not to nit pick but Adobe Reader would be a nice addition to that list ;)

and image the HDD so you can save yourself the re-install time because he sounds like a "repeat offender" heh

i know local group policies SUCK, and so do software firewalls but a way to block net access to P2P programs will probably stop nasties from getting into the laptop in the first place....

limewire.exe and etc.

hope my .02 was inspiring, GL-HF
Acrobat? Please Foxit Reader is 100x better and so much smaller.
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