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My System Specs


Originally Posted by stoanee View Post
<build omitted>

$1945.13 without pricematching. Move to a different monitor and you will have enough for a video card. Either an EVGA GTX 275 or ATI 4890 will do nicely. Note that these prices are all on the high side and that shopping around will save a bunch of $.
At the present moment, Core i7 builds do carry a bit of a price premium over architectures like the Core 2 or AMD's Phenom II, so this is around the price range you'll be looking at if you choose to go that route. For graphics work especially, if you value colour accuracy you're going to want to stick to a monitor with a *VA panel like what the Samsung 245T or Dell 2408WFP uses, or even better yet an IPS panel if you can find one. They're usually more expensive than monitors using TN panels (for 24", this usually means most monitors <$400), but you'll definitely see the improvement in the viewing angles and colour gamut (even if the input lag is usually higher than it is for TN panels).

A Phenom II build is comparably priced to the Core 2 Quad build above, and should offer about the same performance. I've sketched up a simple one on Newegg and attached it here.
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