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Default reboot issues

I've been having this issue the last couple of weeks..
whenever I reboot vista it hangs on the loading screen the little bars that load just stop then go very very slow..
I've waited 10min still no boot.
I have to turn power switch off on PS then on again and it will boot.
Now I've unplugged sata cables and sometimes it boots, but always if I remove memory and reseat it boots..
I have manually entered timings and voltage but still have issue..
to the point I only reboot when absolutely nessasary because of this.
I've cleared bios default settings same thing happens.
I acctually thought it was a defective sata cable/drive till I played with it unplugged and switched cables and it happened again.
I have run memtest no errors..30min
I have 4 gig of ram even if I only have 2 gig running it sill does it.
Then take out that memory and put in other 2 gig still does it.
It's a new power supply.
So it does it the new and old power supplies
I have Vista on 1 500G drive and XP on another even if I reboot with either drive only connected it still does it.
It will always boot if I turn power supply switch off then on and if I remove memory and reseat it will boot, but not restart, it hangs on loading screen.

Not sure what the problem is..
Sig has all info..
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