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My System Specs


Nice CAPS (captures ?) :) Anyways, I am surprised to see this - I have so much electronics including old stuff here I can open a store LOL I have had old stuff run 24/7 for over 10 years and not a single bulging, and they did have some known crap - however I always used the best PSU I could get and power is well regulated and very stable here, never have I seen this. I have come across burnt resistors on some other electronics board but not caps.

I know a while ago there was a volume of caps circulating on the market and accidently purchased and used on some motherboards - this was a while back - I was not aware that the caps horror is back. As to ASUS, I have ALWAYS used ASUS and I always loved the idea that they are a step above others, of course quality control has taken a major hit, not only for ASUS but everywhere, now if there is a new batch of fake CAPS circulating, then I guess we are headed for trouble. I have built tons of systems for my own use and for friends/family and never have I come across this problem. And to see that some shitty caps find their ways in so called expensive gear, pro gear, is beyond me.... :)
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