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Originally Posted by MpG View Post
Seriously, just pop open the PSU and put DMM probe on each side of the modular interface - that'll be your extra voltage drop. But I really can't see it amounting to more than a fraction of a test's margin of error, let alone anything meaningful.

Don't worry, I'm sure PCP&C will rewrite their PSU myths in another year or two, and it'll suddenly be okay to use modular PSU's.
True, but the voltage can swing by a lot due to load. Remember that loses are proportional to the square of current, so from no load to full load, it could have serious effects if the conductor isn't up to spec because only god knows who manufactured the cables. The science gets really complicated when you have AC flowing through, i.e. on transmission lines and microprocessors, however we're trying to create DC power here.

It really doesn't make too much of a difference because I'm sure that the AVR in the PSU can tune to the required levels.
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