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My System Specs


I would get one of these kits right now...great components (chosen by Linus I assume) and it seems like the only way to get your hands on a thermochill PA 120.2 right now. Grab an MCW60 or a full coverage waterblock for your GPU as well (don't forget the mosfet heatsinks and the mcw14s for the video memory if you go the mcw60 route). Some might argue that the 2X120mm radiator is not enough to do both your CPU and GPU, but these are GREAT radiators, and while I'm not sure as I've never actually used one, I think it would be enough- anyone else have a say on this?

Here's a worklog and a bit of a guide for H2O noobs that I made when I first ventured into the water waaaaay back in March ;-)

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