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hello guys..... thanks for the replies. i am new to oc-ing and wcs so i am not terribly knowledgeable with them. I will explain what i want to do with my cpu, gpu and ram and i would be happy if u guys help me select a cooling system and its components either air cooling or wc.

oc q6600 to 3.6 atleast
oc hd2900 pro to 2900xt's performance

i dont know if i have to oc memory to oc my cpu, if i must and if i have to cool it to make it stable, then i would liek to cool teh ram as well.

i know the case also affects the cooling options, if u guys have something in mind, then plz give me ur suggestions, but not more than $150 plz.

i will check back in couple of hrs... thanks guys
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