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My System Specs

Default Dell 3008WFP arrived

First impressions:

- got A02 revision
- enlarged windows/browser fonts and Stardock/Win7 toolbar, so dot pitch is not a problem
- things look smooth, can't see individual pixels
- gaming is incredible, they really meant it when they said it's like a window to another world, haven't seen any of notorious lag or ghosting, not too many FPS lost either.
- I may no longer need a second monitor with so much real estate
- build-in card reader, handy

- 2 dead pixels, not sure if Dell covers that, but not a big deal considering how many pixels there are
- small dent in the frame
- comes with single link DVI cable! This is a bummer, because the first image I saw on my new screen was pixelated mess, I'm sure this weak move costs them a lot of trouble with customers, I read the story on Google about a guy who called Dell about his blurry screen, first they said there's something wrong with his GTX 260, second they started RMA, and non of the tech support mentioned he needed dual link cable.
- colours are absolutely incorrect out of the box, not a problem for me since I'll be using hardware calibrator
- disappointed with non-TN panel, the colours still differ from center to corners, have to do more testing though. Edit: IPS rocks, scrap my previous statement!

Overall happy with investment.

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