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Originally Posted by RicaNeaga View Post
Cool. Then why didn't they test Megahalems only in passive mode (since it doesn't bundle a fan)?

If they think to change their methodology of testing coolers that don't come with a bundled fan (and only them, and also for the average Joe - who by the way has to make a choice weather to buy a low, medium or high-rpm fan for it, they are not robots that only buy Noctua at 1300 rpm), then everything would be okey-dokey. I'm also talking about the average Joe... who should have the info before making the buying decision, and that informations aren't included in the hardwarecanucks's tests...

Also a cooler that doesn't come bundled with a fan is targeting mainly the enthusiasts. Shouldn't that also be taken into consideration?
Prolimatech Megahalems CPU Cooler Review :)

This will be my last comment on the subject as we're talking in circles......

Everything you've asked for WRT the Megahalems seems to already be included in the review for that particular cooler. The disconnect seems to be that this review isn't about that cooler yet you feel we should be including either all possible results for every comparison cooler (our graphs would soon be 5 pages long), or that we should only use the best possible results for coolers which don't ship with fans (IMHO, that offers wayyyy too much chance of abuse, or potential bias so I won't be supporting that option).

As quoted above, the limitations of the Hyper 212 Plus at higher OCs are clearly stated, and to top it off the comparisons made are with the cooler you seem to think we're giving a bum rap.

I'm afraid that in this case, we're going to have to agree to disagree.... all of the information you're looking for is easily available on this website, and you're asking us to change our testing methodology which would (IMO) degrade the impartiality of our cooler reviews.
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