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None is questioning the work behind the reviews. We are just talking about methodology and result presentation. From my point of view the testing conditions are not very relevant: 20 degrees is a pretty low ambient temperature especially in the summer, and obviously their i7 is not producing enough heat to differenciate heatsinks more clearly. Heres a few screen shots with a similar setup and the temps:

Thermolab Baram with 2x1900 rpm fans
Thermalright IFX-14 with 2x1900 rpm fans

And an HDT reprezentative Alpenfoehn Brocken with 2x 1900 rpm fans

These are taken from xbitlabs. Heres another test where HDT coolers are stomped by normal coolers: InsideHW - 9-Way CPU Coolers Roundup

In the end the choice is yours: you either keep producing reviews with little relevance for the average Joe and you keep brainwashing your readers into thinking something is good when it obviously isn't or you could at least include a section in the review dedicated to enthusiasts: high to very high TDP and heatsinks tested with the same fan setup.

Thats all from me. I'm not trying to tell you what to do instead I'm trying to help you stay relevant.
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