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While it does come out swinging and does continue to keep swinging even with the speed dial set to 11, in the end the 212 PLUS was edged out by the Prolimatech…which was also paired with a slower, quieter fan. We have a sneaking suspicion that this cooler was about maxed out and that if we had gone even higher the large mass of the Prolimatech would have continued to prove its worth. We also have to wonder if the numbers would have been as close IF the Prolimiatech had also been paired with a 2000rpm fan. On the positive side…oh my GOD! This cooler kicks some major butt and while it is edged out it does post some awesome numbers
Since the extra clips are provided, we think lot of people will want to run dual fans on this unit so we elected to use two Noctua NF-P12-1300 fans for this test.
By the way on dual fan testing, the Noctua fans were used on the Hyper 212+ because they probably only had one 2k rpm fan that was received with the cooler.

AkG.. maybe you could just post some results on the Hyper 212+ with one Noctua fan, so all these guys can have some satisfaction, that's if it is possible and when you have free time.

Actually one question I had myself.. a little off maybe, sorry.. Would you rate a Gelid fan to be as efficient and quite as a Noctua fan.. the prices on the Gelids are pretty darn good, and the design is pretty well too, as it supposed to last much more than a sleeve baring fan..

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