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I think that this argument here must make you reconsider the methodology regarding testing coolers that don't come with a pre-included fan. So, in my opinion, you MUST re-test Prolimatech Megahalems, with 3 fans - one of 800-900 rpm, one with ~ 1300 rpm, one with at least 1800-2000 rpm. First case - silent users, second case - moderate overclock-ers, third case - extreme air-overclockers. Or at least the first and the third case. If you've had done that in the first place, none of this argument would have hapenned.

Have you ever wondered WHY certain producers don't sell their coolers (heatsinks) bundled with a fan? That's because their coolers are ment to fulfil the needs of every kind of pc enthusiasts - modders, silent-freaks (like me) and overclockers. Megahalems is the best heatsink ever. Period. And only a flawed methodology like yours can put another cooler (heatsink + fan) in front of it.

Also, when I look here, and here, I don't understand why you didn't consider to squeeze all the data in the same graphic (the data regrding Megahalems + dual fans and + Scythe F 1600 rpm in the CM 212+ review).

I'm sorry if my tone is too harsh, but if you don't take my advice seriously into account, you'll loose one reader - me.
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