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My System Specs


AkG I guess you put me in the wrong category.
I'm not an OC-er, I'm a silence freak. Good Lord I have no idea about OC but I know something about silence so I must learn a lot about fans and heatsinks.
IMO a guy who want to replace his stock cooler it must do it for 2 valid reasons:
- silence
- overclock
I leave alone hardcore OC-ers on air because they know what are they looking for, I speak only for the 99% remaining of regular users. For them even box cooler is OK (especially if they get a Nidec fan instead Delta).
For silence freaks a 2000 RPM 120 mm fan is a no-no. No matter what brand, a 2000 RPM fan is not silent. Heck, I heard both my Noctua's P12 at 1000 RPM so I must keep them under 900 RPM's. They have another heatsink category to choose from, something like Scythe Ninja 2 or CM Z600 both fanless usually.
For casual OC-ers indeed a HDT heatsink is best bag for the bucks. Excellent performance/price ratio. Agree with that without doubts.
But for more demanding OC (especially with "old" quads and Nehalem) HDT is not so good compared with a top air solution (Megahalems, TRUE lapped and modded, Mugen 2, NH-U12P for example). So this is why I wrote here because from your graphs average Joe see only that CM H212 is on par with Megahalems which is not true if we test them in same conditions. I don't say they fail cooling all I say is that a significant difference between HDT and a "classic" top air solution.

A PROPERLY FINISHED HDT base. This is the first time in our testing that we have come across an (almost) perfectly finished HDT base
Indeed HDT base finishing is their Achilles heel. My friend gained 5°C only from lapping Alpenföhn Brocken

but in the end it still away from TRUE lapped @22°C room temperature.

HDT. I think everyone now realizes that HDT technology is much more efficient than a standard contact plate + heat conduction
Depends on heatpipes numbers. You can see in my previous post the pattern on HDT base for a quad and for a i7. Usually for "old" CPU's 2 heatpipes barely touch IHS. You can see this drawback better on VGA HDT heatsinks performance.

And about fins, they are designed different by every manufacturer for heatsink specific purpose, high/medium performance or fanless. From big and spaced as in Ninja/Z600 to relatively small and tight as in TRUE or another high pressure/airflow heatsink.
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