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Here is the main thing: we're damned if we do and damned if we don't. Many heatsinks that come with fans use ones working between 1200-1500RPMs so we ended up choosing one smack dab in the middle of the performance spectrum for the coolers that don't have a fan. Unfortunately, once in a blue moon a cooler will come along with a higher RPM fan. We could have easily given the 212 PLUS our DG Award but didn't for the sole reason that it uses a higher RPM, noisier fan to get the job done.

What we all have to remember is that a testing methodology is there to be a constant and not changed just because one review might look skewed / slanted in an incorrect direction. Why should we give Prolimatech a helping hand when they don't even include a fan with their ultra expensive cooler? Using a faster RPM fan on the Megahalems and making an exception for this review "just because it was beaten by a less expensive cooler" smacks of us giving preferential treatment for no reason. Yes the same can be said about the 212 Plus but like I said: the CM cooler CAME with a fan while the Megahalems DID NOT.

Maybe in future reviews of this nature we will do a small section comparing a few heatsinks decked out with higher RPM fans but at this point I just don't think that is necessary. People seem to think that the way we tested in this review is somehow flawed but in all reality all we are doing is sticking to our methodologies while not changing them to favor Prolimatech.

I also want to make clear that the 2000RPM fan is not the only reason why this cooler is so good. Yes, it is one of the reasons but there are others:

- A PROPERLY FINISHED HDT base. This is the first time in our testing that we have come across an (almost) perfectly finished HDT base
- HDT. I think everyone now realizes that HDT technology is much more efficient than a standard contact plate + heat conduction
- Perfectly spaced heatpipes. The air from the fan hits the heatpipes equally so some of the heat is dispersed before even getting to the fins
- Well designed fins and face. Very important so the air pushed by the fan finds the most efficient way through the fin assembly

These reasons are why I think that even if we equipped the Megahalems with a 2000RPM fan that the results between it and the CM 212 PLUS would still be quite close. However, due to the CM's lack of fin surface area when compared to the Megahalems, it will always loose its polish when faced with an extremely high heat load. As such, to me the Prolimtech is a "brute force" cooler which relies on surface area and doesn't show its real self until the heat loads increase towards the higher end of the spectrum. Meanwhile the 212 PLUS is VERY efficient at lower temperatures due to its underlying technologies (see points above) but lacks that brute force of a massive cooling assembly and thus uses its fan as a crutch at higher loads.

I should also stress that AkG's numbers may seem "low" because of two reasons: his i7 920 is one of the cooler running ones I have seen and b) the testing room he uses is temperature controlled to 20*C. 20*C is near room temperature but many other sites don't seem to care about properly controlling temperature so comparisons from one review to the next may be slightly off due to fluctuations in ambient temperature.

We also use a TIM application method for HDT coolers that properly covers the base surface area.

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