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Halfwaythere, thank you for your input and welcome to the forum!... but I think you need to REread the testing methodology page.

"Except where noted all comparison testing was done on an open bench with a constant ambient temperature of 20c. If at any time the room temperature increased or decreased by more than 1C testing was halted untill the temperature constant was reestablished."

The testing of the various coolers may taken place over a long period of time (some of the 775 results are now a year old) BUT all were done in the same environment. It just would not be reasonable to retest every cooler again and again every time we get a new one. That would take an extreme amount of time. For example there is over 20 coolers in the 775 charts. That would mean at least 300 hours of testing for the next cooler.....315 for the following etc etc and this would not include the time needed to test the NEW cooler.

I do not see how any one can say we are losing creditability over not doing that as no review site (professionally staffed or volunteer) does that! If your review site does, or if you know of any one that does do this please let me know as I would love to be able to tweak our setup to improve it.

As I stated earlier we test them as YOU would get them. If a person is swapping out the stock fan they know they are going to change the performance characteristics by doing so. If it doesn't come with a fan, we have to use something and the one we use is a pretty darn good one!

Can you please be more specific in what "distortion of reality" has occurred? I assume you mean this vs the Prolimatech? Using a 1300rpm fan as our default fan is what most people use, and I think it was fair to use it on that great cooler. CM's cooler is the odd ball, but as I stated earlier the 212+ in its stock configuration does beat most other coolers which are also in their stock configuration. That is what you are purchasing and that is what we are testing. I will not cater to the extreme overclocker if it is to the detriment of the average joe computer enthusiast. When "joe 6 pack the computer hobbyist" buy a CM 212+ it comes with a 2000rpm fan. Nothing more nothing less. That will be HIS reality. Your reality may be different.

Would someone be wrong for saying its the best thing since sliced bread? That would be an enthusiastic over-reaction BUT it is the best HDT we have ever tested and I doubt another HDT will come along and match its numbers UNLESS it includes an kick arse fan like this one. More importantly should we penalize CM or any other MFG'er for including an above average fan? That is the crux of the issue and I have explained my reasoning earlier. YMMV.

In the end (and this is NOT aimed at you) I have no problems taking a credibility hit with the extreme OC'ing crowd as A) they are a minority no matter how vocal they are and I will not try to cater to them if its at the expense of the majority B) most use at least Water or Liquid Nitrogen and look down their nose at mere "air cooling" C) get three in a room and you will have three different answers on what the "best" anything is :) but mainly D) I'm old and mature enough to know that no matter what I do someone will think its wrong. It was a tough call on testing As Is with this cooler but I think it was the right call. However, I'm also mature enough to know that I'm not always right! If any of you guys n gals can tell me where I can improve go for it! I may not take your advice BUT I guarantee you I WILL listen and give it serious consideration.

Originally Posted by halfwaythere View Post
First of all gratz on the work flawed as it may be.

I think you don't stress enough during the review that you compare heatsinks with different fans and tested in different session. One might argue that a couple of degrees between different session could simply be substracted from the final result. I'm afraid thats not really a very rigorous methodology because temperature doesn't vary linearly.

Burebistas reaction is very correct because some regular bloke looking at you chats will end up buying the 212+ and proclaiming it the best thing since sliced bread. And you and I know thats not true.

Maybe you should change your way of testing heatsinks to something more relevant: pick the best heatsink from your previous tests and test it versus a new one. First at stock settings and after that with the same fan setup. You don't have to include all of the other irrelevant coolers because everybody will understand that you are looking for the best solution.

There are many way of distorting reality and one of them is by omission. Too bad cause you're the ones losing credibility.
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