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Originally Posted by Fudd Rucker View Post
ya the block i looked at uses the same retention clips as my thermalright chipset cooler i have. I will also have to get a mosfet cooler as well which ive already picked out. So far this unit has outperformed a core contact,xigmatek and an artic freezer for cooling. new rad and block are next on the list followed by pump and resevoir.That heatpipe setup uses the same retention clips as majority of motherboards ive owned. It has one standard set of of pushpin clips at the nb as well as the mosfets.
Well, from what i can see, you are aware of your stuff! Good thing man Have fun!

Originally Posted by miggs78 View Post
Heya Patriote.. very nice to see after long now.. :)

Hope all's well.. Between nice build, and like the idea of the putting that swiftech res outside the case, first time seen that. Also nice to see you still with the old stacker, not lots of people left with it.. and the sound dampening.. Very nice
Yes, Indeed! Long time! Thanks, I love my Stacker ;) Yeah, I am good at getting out good WC parts emplacement into cases Everyone's going the TJ-07 way but i still like how good the Stacker is designed! As for the sound dampening, well to be honest, if i could of removed it, I would of done it Heh. But i would of probably just changed it for some new one. The one you see in my case is old and feels rude & dried out lol
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