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My System Specs


All right, I'll bite.

I've built hundreds of machines with steel cases and only 2 with aluminum. Am I experienced enough that I should not want to use steel cases now? What reason should I give?

One of the aluminum cases I built up was no different than any antec case. The only other was the Lian-Li case that I bought off of Lowfat, which is VERY different because the layout is.... well... different

That Lian Li vents from the back of the case and ejects heat out the front.

I see absolutely no advantages to aluminum cases except for the weight difference, which is not a concern for me at all. I do not believe that aluminum cases act like some sort of radiator to carry away heat to any real appreciable value.

Air moving through a steel, aluminum, wood or cardboard case is what is going to move the heat away, not the case which is more or less only held to any heat source via 8 screws.
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